Why Choose Cox Urban Furniture?

Why Choose Cox Urban Furniture?

Want to create a public space that your community members will love? It all starts with pairing a smart project layout with the right street furniture; and at Cox Urban Furniture, we specialise in providing innovative street furniture solutions that urban developers can trust to fit with their brief.

Here are some of the reasons why Cox Urban Furniture is the best solution for getting high-quality, purpose-built street furniture:

Future Focused

Street furniture is meant to last a long time. Moreover, those who are designing public spaces today must consider how the layout and design of the space will fare into the future. Being innovative, future focused, and having a wealth of experience under our belt, you can trust in Cox Urban Furniture to consider provide fresh and imaginative solutions that will continue to remain relevant later on down the track. We always ask ourselves questions such as, ‘who will use this furniture?’, ‘how do we want it to feel both physically and emotionally?’ and ‘what environmental factors need to be considered in the design?’. By considering all these factors, we can work to provide you with the perfect long-lasting solution to your brief. Ultimately, we can help to attract community members to your space, so that they can experience the positive benefits of being outside and amongst nature.

Australian Made & Designed

If you want street furniture to last in your public space, you have to make sure that it’s built to withstand against the country’s harsh weather conditions and elements. It just so happens that all our street furniture is 100% Australian made and designed here at Cox Urban Furniture. So, you can turn to us and expect to enjoy the many benefits of choosing Australian street furniture, including lower delivery costs, improved customer service, and much more.

Fee Free Service

We understand that no two projects are ever the same. The best outdoor public spaces have a unique vibe of their own, and custom street furniture solutions can definitely play a part in creating that. Luckily, we offer a customised ‘fee-free’ service to account for those clients who want something a little different to our existing range of street furniture. Resources permitting, and with an understanding that design copyright and rights to manufacture remain with Cox Urban Furniture, we can design, develop and prototype new street furniture in response to your brief. Rest assured, custom made street furniture will be sure to turn head once installed in your public space.

Extensive Portfolio

At Cox Urban Furniture, we’ve had over 25 years of industrial design experience. Moreover, our furniture has been used in thousands of successful projects throughout Australia; from parks and city centres to shopping centres, schools, health facilities, airports and plenty more. With such an extensive portfolio of satisfied clients, you can rest assured when you turn to us. We always go above and beyond to present our clients with the perfect solution to their brief. No matter the project at hand, we can provide you with high-quality street furniture that helps to enhance the functional and aesthetic value of your space.

Contact Us for Quality Australian Street Furniture

Interested in experience the difference of our street furniture solutions? From park bench seats, picnic tables and shelters to planter boxes, light poles, drinking fountains and more, we provide a wide range of options here at Cox Urban Furniture. Our high-quality products are bursting with innovative qualities, offering both functional and aesthetic value that works to enhance your public space. Rest assured that when you turn to us with your brief, we will do our best to provide you with the perfect solution.

Explore, create and connect with the team at Cox Urban Furniture. Call us now to enquire about our street furniture solutions!