Park Tables & Benches

Tips on Choosing the Ideal Park Tables and Benches for Your Outdoor Space

It’s important to think about the type of seating you will offer when you’re planning an outdoor facility. Outdoor enjoyment is never complete without comfortable picnic tables. After all, these provide groups with the perfect place to gather and communicate while playing or dining together.

There are plenty of different types of park tables and benches to choose from. So, naturally, you might wonder what the right option for your outdoor space is. Well, we’ve put together this post to help guide you in choosing the ideal furniture according to the environment and needs of your facility.

What to Consider When Choosing Picnic Tables

When selecting a picnic table, you need to consider a variety of different factors, including its colour and maximum capacity. In doing so, you’ll know that the table can accommodate the people who frequent  your outdoor facility. Here are the important features to consider when choosing a picnic table:

  • Capacity

The picnic tables should be able to accommodate smaller groups. Ideally, one table should seat four to eight people. Picnic tables are usually square or round. This design allows smaller groups to engage in more personal conversations.

Now, if you want to accommodate larger groups, you’ll need picnic tables that can seat around eight to ten people. Such tables will usually be rectangular. This design allows friends and families to gather and enjoy friendly conversations, food or even a board game.

  • Materials and Colours

Colours and materials are also critical features when you’re deciding what kind of picnic table to purchase. After all, these elements are important in creating the right aesthetic appeal for your outdoor space.

You’ll find picnic tables in a variety of materials, including concrete, metal, wood and aluminium. Most of these materials are strong enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Australia. However, make sure that you choose products that are 100% designed and manufactured in the country. This way, you’ll know that they’re built for local conditions.

What to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Benches

Most benches are made from the same materials used to manufacture picnic tables. These are essential in providing a comfortable area where visitors can rest and relax.

You’ll find two types of benches—ones without backs and those with backs. So, how do you choose the ideal design for your visitors?

Well, for one, you should consider where you’re installing the benches. Let’s say you’re adding these benches on a sideline, in a dug-out or exercise trail. In this case, you should opt for backless benches. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Backless benches provide more freedom for movement
  • They keep players prepared and alert during games
  • They provide easy access to personal belongings
  • Backless benches allow storage for supplies

Now, if you’re installing a bench to let visitors relax and enjoy the view of a pond, lake or park, choose one with back support. This way, guests can ease their minds, relax their muscles and simply savour the beauty of your outdoor space.

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When you make the right decision for your picnic tables and benches, you can dramatically increase the functionality, appearance and sense of community in your facility. So, when you need durable and long-lasting outdoor furniture, turn to Cox Urban Furniture.

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