At Cox Urban Furniture we appreciate the uniqueness of your project, that’s why we offer a complimentary design service should you like one of our street furniture ranges, but want to make some alterations.

For example, the dimensions of seats, tables and most other products can be changed, new table setting arrangements created, alternative materials sourced, and even new product types developed in the style of your preferred range. The possibilities are many, so just ask and if it can be done, we’ll do it!


For clients that appreciate the quality and design integrity of our existing street furniture ranges, but would like something different, we also offer a more extensive fee-free service.

Resources permitting, and with an understanding that design copyright and rights to manufacture remain with Cox Urban Furniture, we can design, develop and prototype new street furniture in response to your brief.

We may also offer an ‘exclusive use period’ so the new furniture can be used only in your project, until the agreement expires.