Materials + Maintenance


Altiform Recycled HDPE Plastic

  • 93% recycled HDPE plastic, the balance comprising virgin HDPE, UV stabiliser and colourant.
  • Virtually maintenance free. Easily remove permanent marker, grease, oil, and even spray paint. Scratches can be removed and original finish restored.
  • High quality engineered extrusion (homogenous, with no inclusions or air pockets).
  • UV stabilised.
  • Recyclable at end of product life.
  • Durable for 30+ years.
  • Battens are glass-reinforced for extra strength, stiffness and spanning ability.
  • Long history of use in USA and Australia.
  • Standard colour in stock 'Charcoal'. 50+ colours available on special order, minimum lengths apply with 14 week delivery.
  • Downloadable resources: Altiform HDPE Plastic Maintenance, Altiform HDPE Colour Chart, Altiform Website

  • Responsibly sourced FSC Merbau timber.
  • Alternative timbers can be specified, pending availability and cost variation.
  • Finished with three coats of high performance water based Intergrain UltraDeck.
  • Standard stain colours are 'Jarrah' and 'Cedar', depending on the street furniture range. Alternative colours are available, with possible cost variation.
  • Downloadable resources: Timber Maintenance, Intergrain UltraDeck Timber Stain Colours

  • 100% recycled HDPE plastic sheet with textured stipple finish.
  • Australian made.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • UV stabilised.
  • Recyclable at end of product life.
  • Seven standard colours available. Enquiries welcomed regarding special colours, subject to minimum quantities and availability.
  • Downloadable resources: Plaspanel Maintenance, Plaspanel Data & Colours, Plaspanel Website
Stainless Steel

  • All threaded fixings are stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection.
  • Recyclable at end of product life.
  • Stainless steel in sheet form (e.g. litter bin lids) has a #4 linished finish, and is electro-polished as a final treatment to minimise ‘tea-stain’ corrosion.
  • Downloadable resources: Stainless Steel Maintenance, Electropolishing Explained