Looking for a hardwearing street Litter Bin or Wheelie Bin Enclosure?

You won’t have to search further than us. Cox Urban Furniture, a long-established Australian company, offers an extensive range of well-designed, hardwearing and stylish rubbish bins and wheelie bin enclosures, making waste disposal in your public space easier and more efficient. We create products that help keep any urban or park area tidy, whilst enhancing the ambience and aesthetic of the space. When you turn to us, you can choose from various styles and designs that will complement city, suburban and parkland environments. Our extensive range of wheelie bin enclosures offer solutions for every budget, and include double-bin and bin-bank options to cater for separated waste and recycling needs. We can also customise door and back panel graphics to suit your specific requirements.

Why Purchase a Litter Bin or Bin Enclosure from Cox Urban Furniture?

High-quality – 100% Australian designed and manufactured, our litter bins and wheelie bin enclosures are engineered to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions, including corrosive, salt-laden coastal environments. We use only site-proven high-grade aluminium and stainless steel in the manufacture of our products.
Various sizes – Our litter bins and bin enclosures are available in multiple sizes and configurations to suit different rubbish capacities and types.
Aesthetically pleasing – We offer functional, visually integrated and aesthetically pleasing street furniture products, ensuring they make a positive contribution to both the physical and visual amenity of any public space.

Our Point of Difference

Here at Cox Urban Furniture, we ensure that every process in the design and manufacture of our litter bins and bin enclosures is conducted with only the highest level of workmanship. As a key player in the industry for over 25 years, we’ve supplied our street furniture to thousands of projects throughout Australia, and we know that customer satisfaction is the key to our continued success. We’re always responsive to our client’s needs, so you can expect continued support, from initial discussions and specification, through to manufacture, supply and after-sales service. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong, long-lasting client relationships.