Urban Edge

Urban Edge

Clean contemporary styling combined with high-quality, low-maintenance recycled material options, Urban Edge presents an innovative and versatile series of ‘Modular’, ‘Battened’ and ‘Multi-Frame’ public seating solutions, with picnic table settings, litter bins, enclosures for wheelie bins and other items to match.

A major design element, uniquely expressed in all the furniture types, is the super-strong and rigid aluminium portal frame – a multi-function component performing both structural and aesthetic roles with simplicity and style.

Incredibly versatile and adaptable street furniture, the modular nature of the designs give you the freedom to create seats, platforms and table settings with dimensions, materials and configurations tailored to suit each individual project.

Bollards + light poles

Litterbins + enclosures

Planter boxes


Table Settings


Triangular platform / table system