Versatile and Attractive Planter Boxes for Indoor and Outdoor Public Spaces

Here at Cox Urban Furniture, we specialise in designing both aesthetically pleasing and highly durable planter boxes. The design features of our plant containers work to soften often harsh, urban environments, creating a green, more natural and relaxing atmosphere. Our boxes utilise clear-anodised aluminium RHS, with our trademark cast aluminium corner joints for added strength. You can select from our standard models, or we can create custom sizes for your specific project, with a range of installation options including Above ground bolt-fix, Freestanding with adjustable feet, and Below ground bolt-fix. The versality of our planter boxes is truly impressive.

Planter Boxes that are Perfect for any Urban Setting

Our planter boxes are ideal for use in a wide range of urban settings including streetscapes, malls, plazas, shopping centres, and outdoor café areas. When you turn to us for Australian made planter boxes, you have the freedom to select interior components to suit your preferred planting method.

Potted plants – Mesh floor or shallow tray.
Planting into soil – Removable aluminium liner box with optional lifting lugs.
Self-watering wicking bed – Water reservoir plumbing for the liner box.

You can be sure that our strong, durable and attractive planter boxes will enhance your project, creating an elegant statement that brings life to any urban setting.

Select Your Planter Boxes from Cox Urban Furniture

With the assistance of our expert and talented designers, we can help you create the ideal indoor and outdoor space. At Cox Urban Furniture, we always work hard to achieve absolute customer satisfaction. When you engage with us for your planter box requirements, expect friendly, professional service throughout the entire process, including ongoing after-sales support.

If you’re searching for the planter boxes Australians recommend, contact Cox Urban Furniture now!