Metal Tree Guards

What People Should Know About Tree Guards

Even in urban environments, trees like their space. According to a Columbia University study, street trees with protective guards prevent passers-by from trampling the surrounding soil. What’s more, trees with guards absorb run-off water more quickly than those without protection.

Indeed, there are many reasons why tree guards should be part of urban planning. In this post, we’re going to discuss what people should know about these protective barriers.

Protect Newly Planted Urban Trees

Stronger and older trees protect younger trees in forests. When a tree grows from a seed, its roots become stronger along with its stems and leaves. However, when you plant a tree in a container or as a bare root type, its plate is reduced in size.

So, before it can become independent in its landscape, it needs to establish its roots. Otherwise, it won’t be capable of looking after itself. Instead, it will need long-term maintenance.

Keep in mind that newly planted trees in urban areas are quite vulnerable. In Australia, you also need to consider the damage that animals can cause. Indeed, there are challenges when you’re planting trees in urban spaces. As such, you need to protect the young tree’s section that is exposed to the elements. Of course, you also need to think about the fragile new roots in the soil.

There are two classes of tree protection. The grates or grilles protect the underground parts of the trees. Meanwhile, vertical tree guards protect the trunk or stem.

Choose High-Quality Tree Guards to Protect Newly Planted Trees

You may consider using plastic tree guards because they are more affordable. However, using them to protect newly planted trees is not advisable in Australia. After all, summers can be scorching hot here.

The summer heat will cause the tree’s bark to expand. When it gets cold at night, the low temperature may cause splitting in the bark. When this happens, the newly exposed bark will get burnt or scalded no matter the season.

Of course, you also need to ensure that the protective guard is strong enough to protect the tree against wildlife. While plastic guards may have some level of protection against the elements, they will not be sturdy enough to ward off rodents and rabbits.

Keep in mind that during the tree trunk’s first few years in the ground, it will be susceptible to damage. Without proper protection, the health of the tree will be affected.

Here at Cox Urban Furniture, we offer strong, metal tree surrounds that are designed for urban landscapes. Our tree guards come in various designs, colours and forms. What’s more, their appealing style can help soften the look and feel of the harsh, urban environment they are in.

When you choose tree guards from Cox Urban Furniture, you can also expect durability. After all, they come with powder coated, aluminium frames. So, you know that they are strong enough to withstand the harsh elements in Australia.

We also offer anodised aluminium tree cages. These are ideal in protecting newly planted urban trees, especially since they have a steel mesh with exposed zinc aluminium alloy finish.

If you want to learn more about these durable tree guards, contact Cox Urban Furniture today. Our friendly sales specialists are ready to answer your questions and provide you with a FREE quote.