Innovative Modular Triangular Seating Platform and Table System

As part of their contemporary Urban Edge range, the talented team at Cox Urban Furniture have developed a unique modular street furniture system that allows you to combine and connect low seating platforms with triangular picnic tables, stools and linear park seats and benches. Utilising the geometry of equilateral triangles, interesting articulated furniture modules can be created, to fold around existing trees and infrastructure, or form seating/dining ‘islands’ within public spaces.

Ideal for use in areas such as plazas, malls, parks, streetscapes, universities, schools and playgrounds, the geometry enables individuals or groups of people to occupy the same seating node, within close proximity to each other, whilst maintaining their sense of personal space. The variety of sitting options provided encourages a more creative and interesting use of the public space, and becomes a landscape feature in its own right. You can view more examples by visiting the ‘High Street Mall’ case study featured in the CUSTOM section of our website.

Why Choose Cox Urban Furniture

When you need innovative picnic tables and benches, you’ve come to the right place at Cox Urban Furniture. Whenever we design street and park furniture, we strive to provide our customers with functional, durable and creative products that offer a real alternative in the often ‘same-same’ world of street furniture in Australia.

Moreover, we have the knowledge and experience to engineer and build public space furniture that will satisfy the functional, social and aesthetic needs of your community. Trust that our visually integrated triangular platform and table system will make a positive contribution to your public space. We also work tirelessly to achieve absolute customer satisfaction. Expect our friendly and professional support from start to finish.

When you’re looking for premium quality park table systems in Australia, contact Cox Urban Furniture right away!