Street Furniture by Cox Urban Furniture

Why DDA Compliance is Important with Street Furniture

Everyone in your community deserves to enjoy the benefits of being in outdoor public spaces; especially those who are suffering from disabilities. After all, handicapped members of your community are already hindered from enjoying many other experiences that most people would take for granted. Ultimately, if you want to create a safe and inclusive outdoor […]

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Street Furniture Australia

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Street Furniture

Do you want to make a great public space? Functional, attractive and long-lasting street furniture plays an integral part in this. But if you want to ensure the best possible street furniture for your outdoor environment, you have to consider the following factors: 1. Is It Australian Designed and Made? If you want street furniture […]

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What Makes a Great Public Space?

People are spending far less of their time outdoors year after year. Because of this, it’s important for urban developers to invest real thought and time into creating great public spaces that community members can enjoy. But what exactly is it that makes a great public space? Well, if you want to create an environment […]

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Picnic Tables by Cox Urban Furniture

5 Benefits of Adding Picnic Tables in Your Community

Picnic tables are found in some of the best parks and other outdoor public spaces. But what exactly are the benefits of adding picnic tables in your community? Here are some of the perks of adding park picnic tables that you may have overlooked before:  1. Provides a Resting Place for All Ages People come […]

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Park Furniture Australia

The Importance of Parks in Your Community

Parks hold a very special place in our hearts in and our communities. They’re the perfect place for meeting up with friends, walking our pets, exercising, clearing our heads and celebrating special occasions. Indeed, these beautiful, green open spaces are ideal for a variety of different activities and purposes. In fact, there’s no doubt that […]

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