Street Furniture Australia

How to Make Street Furniture Last

There are many good reasons why the market size of the outdoor furniture industry continues to grow here in Australia. For one, benches and picnic tables can increase the functionality of public spaces. Aside from that, there are multiple benefits to adding outdoor furniture in a community. It’s important to remember that street furniture is […]

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Park Furniture Australia

How to Choose the Best Site Amenities for Your Park

Have you ever been to a park with no amenities? Aside from being boring, this public space can also be uncomfortable for visitors. After all, a park is supposed to act as a safe space for children to play and adults to come together. Indeed, it is a community area people can visit to create […]

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Metal Tree Guards

What People Should Know About Tree Guards

Even in urban environments, trees like their space. According to a Columbia University study, street trees with protective guards prevent passers-by from trampling the surrounding soil. What’s more, trees with guards absorb run-off water more quickly than those without protection. Indeed, there are many reasons why tree guards should be part of urban planning. In […]

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Park Tables & Benches

Tips on Choosing the Ideal Park Tables and Benches for Your Outdoor Space

It’s important to think about the type of seating you will offer when you’re planning an outdoor facility. Outdoor enjoyment is never complete without comfortable picnic tables. After all, these provide groups with the perfect place to gather and communicate while playing or dining together. There are plenty of different types of park tables and […]

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as is

The Benefits of Adding Park Benches in Your Community

Most of the time, people overlook the benefits of benches in community parks. They can be a great addition to the streets. For many, a bench can be a symbol of friendship. People can also use it as a place to sit and talk. So, in this post, we are going to discuss the benefits […]

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