Protect your Public Space Trees and Plants with our Strong Metal Tree Surrounds

It goes without saying that all of us understand and appreciate the many benefits that trees and plants provide, especially in urban landscapes. Not only are they beautiful, helping to ‘soften’ the look and feel of the built environment with their varied colours, textures and forms, they also contribute in a very meaningful way to the physical and psychological health of people in the community. And so, it is only sensible to protect them from damage, especially in the early stages of growth when they are more vulnerable. Here at Cox Urban Furniture, we can provide you with tree surrounds to protect these valuable natural assets. As part of our range of more than 180 products, which includes items such as street and park benches, picnic tables, park shelters, litter bins and wheelie bin enclosures, we also provide a selection of metal tree guards, designed to protect young trees and plants, located in public spaces, from vandalism and accidental damage.

Why Choose Cox Urban Furniture’s Tree Surrounds?

For over 25 years, Cox Urban Furniture has been designing and manufacturing premium quality street furniture, supplying innovative, well-engineered and beautiful products to thousands of projects throughout Australia. Our robust metal tree guards are unique designs that will complement the aesthetic of many kinds of natural and built environments. Not only can they be power coated in a colour of your choice, but even better; we offer a ‘Fee-Free’ design service to modify our existing products, or custom design a tree or plant protector according to your specifications!

Our guards are supplied in halves for ease of installation around the tree, either during or after planting, and can be fixed in a number of ways, depending on the surrounding surfaces. With our safe and durable tree protectors, your young plants and trees have a much greater chance to grow to maturity, unhindered. It is worth noting that we can also design TREE GRATES to suit your project, giving the trees freedom to grow without damaging the surrounding hard surfaces, and providing their roots with protection and ready access to water.

When you need tree guards that will protect the natural beauty of your public space, contact the team at Cox Urban Furniture.