Australian-Made Street Furniture

5 Benefits of Choosing Australian-Made Street Furniture

Want to create a public open space that your community members can enjoy and appreciate? Australian-made street furniture is always recommended over cheap options available online or overseas. To demonstrate why, we’ve outlined 5 benefits why you should always choose Australian-made street furnishings for your community project:

1. Manufactured to Australian Standards

A major benefit of choosing to buy Australian-made furniture is that all the products you receive will be manufactured to meet strict Australian standards. Australian businesses are required to adhere to strict quality standards by law. Needless to say, you can rest assured knowing that the furniture you receive will be made from durable, high-quality materials. Aside from this, Australian businesses also understand the unique climate and environmental conditions of Australia, having experienced it on a daily basis. Henceforth, local businesses will be much more efficient at creating long-lasting furniture products that are capable of withstanding against the harsh Australian conditions. The same can’t always be said for cheaply made furniture bought from overseas. 

2. Improved Customer Service

Choosing Australian-made commercial street furniture also comes with the benefit of improved customer service. When you’re working with an overseas manufacturer, it can be difficult to get in touch when you need them most, simply due to differences in time zones. Since conversations will be held predominantly over the phone or via email, it also increases the likelihood of misunderstandings. Conversely, when you choose to partner with a local manufacturer, it will be much easier to get a hold of them since you’ll be working under the same time zone. Of course, you’ll also be able to arrange face-to-face meetings to discuss your specific needs and requirements. This will make it much easier to get your point across, meaning that you’ll be able to receive an end result that matches your brief perfectly. 

3. Lower Delivery Costs

You may have found some bargain street furniture pieces available online, but have you taken a look at the estimated shipping costs that go along with it? Local delivery costs are obviously going to be much lower than you would pay for international shipping. Moreover, there’s also the issue of COVID-19 to consider; international shipping normally requires weeks or even months of patience under normal circumstances. Chuck a worldwide pandemic into the equation, and who knows how long it might take for your overseas purchases to finally arrive?   

4. Supports Local Businesses

Given the hectic past year, it’s become more crucial than ever for us to help out our fellow Australians by supporting local businesses. And through choosing to buy Australian-made street furniture, you can do exactly that. All in all, you’ll be benefiting the community in two ways; through creating beautiful public spaces with the help of high-quality street furniture, and through keeping money within the local economy! 

5. Sustainability

Most Australian street furniture manufacturers are required to comply with strict environmental guidelines and policies. As a result, you can expect furniture pieces manufactured by local businesses to address environmental issues with their sustainable and eco-friendly design. Through choosing Australian-made street furniture, you can help to ensure that less materials end up in landfill, whilst keeping as much energy and natural resources conserved as possible.

Turn to Cox Urban Furniture for Australian-Made Street Furniture

With over 25 years of industrial design experience, Cox Urban Furniture is dedicated towards creating exceptional street furniture that’s beautiful, functional, and meaningful. We work closely with our clients to create high-quality furniture solutions that fit your brief perfectly. Moreover, our products ensure to stand strong in your community space, despite constant exposure to the harsh Australian weather conditions and elements over time.

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