Embrace the Future with our Commercial Street Furniture Designs

Commercial street furniture should be durable, functional and relevant in style. Luckily, we provide solutions that meet that exact criteria here at Cox Urban Furniture.

Our commercial street furniture products are 100% Australian made and designed. Needless to say, exceptional quality is always a guarantee. We design our integrated furniture ranges to be tough and durable. As a result, our products are sure to last in the harsh Australian environment. Of course, we also strive to keep innovation at the forefront of our thinking. In fact, our team are constantly developing fresh ideas. We value intelligent design. In addition, we value creativity, and you can always expect our designs to be practical. Whats’ more, they work to compliment the environment around them.

Every project is different. As professionals in the industrial design industry, we understand this completely. That’s why we also offer a Fee-Free service. This is what allows our customers to modify our existing furniture designs according to their needs.

Choose Cox Urban Furniture for Unique and Tailored Furniture Solutions

We’re boasting over 25 years of experience here at Cox Urban Furniture. Of course, we have much more to bring to the table than this. Our differentiation lies in the creativity and passion of our team members. We make sure to adopt a modern perspective. Moreover, we are highly responsive to our client’s needs.

Choose the right commercial street furniture for your public space. Enquire with Cox Urban Furniture today.