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How to Choose the Best Site Amenities for Your Park

Have you ever been to a park with no amenities? Aside from being boring, this public space can also be uncomfortable for visitors. After all, a park is supposed to act as a safe space for children to play and adults to come together. Indeed, it is a community area people can visit to create memories and meaningful connections.

Various studies have shown the importance of park amenities in the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social growth of individuals. So, if you’re wanting  to maximise the benefits of your community space, you should choose the right amenities. In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can create a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable public area with the ideal park facilities.

What to Consider When Choosing Site Amenities for Your Park

Before choosing site amenities, you should consider the following:

The Site’s Purpose

The purpose of parks can vary depending on the community they serve. So, you should consider the demographics of the area to ensure that visitors can enjoy your park to it’s fullest. Consider whether the park is near a residential area or a business district. Be specific when identifying the purpose of your park space. In this way, you can give the designer clear instructions about the amenities you need for your site.

The Users

After establishing the purpose of your park, you should identify the groups that will use it based on the purpose. If it will be a space for the community to get together, there should be benches and picnic tables. Now, if primary visitors are hikers and runners, then there should be trails.

The Site’s Future

Will the park be a temporary or permanent site? You should consider the future of the site when choosing your park amenities. Do you think that the government will have a different use for the area a couple of years from now? If so, then you should avoid installing permanent facilities around the park.

What Are the Most Important Site Amenities for a Park?

If you want a park to be a welcoming place for the whole community, you should consider installing the following:

Park Benches and Tables

Of course, there should be amenities that will allow visitors to rest and relax in the park. With benches and tables, people will be able to dine together and have a friendly chat. However, make sure that you choose street furniture that can withstand against the harsh Australian conditions. In doing so, you can maximise the lifespan of your park amenities.

Litter Bins

You wouldn’t want people tossing their rubbish around the park. So, make sure you have litter bins installed around the area. After all, having a clean park makes the place more comfortable and presentable to visitors. Just ensure that these litter bins are strategically placed in the park to prevent people from littering.

Bike Racks

If you’re anticipating bike traffic along the park, then you should consider installing commercial bicycle racks. Having them provides an opportunity for bikers to rest and explore the public space more comfortably. After all, they’ll have peace of mind knowing that their bike is secure.

Playground Facilities

If you think that kids will be frequenting the park, it makes sense to have playground facilities installed in the area. This will help encourage families to visit the public place, especially with parents knowing that their children will have something fun to do.

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