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What Makes a Great Public Space?

People are spending far less of their time outdoors year after year. Because of this, it’s important for urban developers to invest real thought and time into creating great public spaces that community members can enjoy.

But what exactly is it that makes a great public space? Well, if you want to create an environment that people will feel compelled to visit, the following aspects are essential to consider:


People have different interests, hobbies and lifestyles. So, it’s only fair that you accommodate as many activities as possible in your public space. For instance, adding drinking fountains will encourage people to visit for exercise. If the drinking fountain is pet-friendly, you can encourage people to walk their dogs there. Adding picnic tables and barbeques will encourage people to come to your public space for lunches, or for hosting fundraisers. Picnic tables can also act as the perfect place for people to come to study, draw or play games with each other, all whilst taking advantage of all the fresh air and sunshine the outside world has to offer.

An Inviting Atmosphere

If you want to encourage people to visit your public space, you have to give it a welcoming atmosphere. One of the best ways to do this is by installing bench seats or picnic tables around your outdoor area. This will encourage people to stay longer at your public space and use it for a variety of different activities. Encouraging proper waste disposal will also help to keep your public space looking and feeling inviting. You can work to reduce litter by placing rubbish bins in convenient and obvious locations. Aside from that, you can use signs to educate community members on the consequences and penalties associated with littering. Wheelie bin enclosures can also help to deter bin raiding and keep the contents of your bins safe and sound, even during extreme weather conditions.


There are a number of ways to make your public space safer, especially at night. For instance, you can install light poles in order to increase visibility and deter antisocial behaviour. You can create paths for people to follow, so that they don’t have to worry about stepping onto the road or the lawn. By creating attractive, clean and functional public spaces, you will also be able to encourage more and more people to visit the area and make use of it whether it’s day or night. The more people who are in your public space, the safer it will look and feel towards others, which would only prompt even more people to come visit.


If you want to create a public space that everyone will enjoy, it’s important to accommodate all your community member’s needs. That includes adults, children, the elderly, and even those who are handicapped. If you want to create a friendly, inclusive space, you have to make sure that you install certain amenities that will appeal to each of these different groups. For instance, you can install playgrounds for children, and exercise equipment for adults. Installing wheelchair accessible furniture is a great way to make your elderly or handicapped community members feel more heard and looked after. In this way, they will be able to come to your public space to eat, chat or simply reflect, without feeling left out.

Create Great Public Spaces with Help from Cox Urban Furniture

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