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4 Useful Tips to Improve Pedestrian Safety at Night

A lot of people won’t even venture outside at night if it means having to travel by foot rather than car. Of course, sometimes, we don’t really have a choice in the matter.

In a first-world country like Australia, walking around at night shouldn’t have to feel scary or unsafe. That said however, there’s still a lot of things that urban developers can do to improve the safety of their outdoor spaces, and henceforth, the safety of pedestrians at night. Through making the right changes, you can ensure to decrease the amount of injuries, crimes, and other incidents that occur at night in your public area.

Here are 4 tips to improve pedestrian safety at night:

1. Install Sufficient Lighting

Thankfully, horror movies teach most people an invaluable lesson about walking around at night in poorly lit areas. Poor lighting acts as a hazard in two main ways. First off, it prevents pedestrians from being able to see where they’re going, which can lead to misjudgements in the shape, size, or location of objects. Say, for example, that you couldn’t see a large branch sticking out from the ground. Tripping over an object like this could definitely lead to an injury. On the other hand, insufficient lighting can also prevent you from being able to see suspicious people lurking around at night. After all, darkness acts as the perfect shroud for criminals as they await the approach of an unsuspecting victim.

One of the best ways you can improve pedestrian safety at night is by making your public space brighter through the installation of light poles. Brightly lit light poles will deter antisocial behaviour, and most importantly, provide pedestrians with improved visibility of the area.   

2. Create Ample Room for Walking

Another great way you can improve pedestrian safety at night is by creating wide sidewalks for people to walk on. Sidewalks are flat, steady surfaces that will prevent pedestrians from having to walk on lawns or worse, on the road, where they could cause a traffic hazard and potentially get involved in accidents with vehicles. Especially at night, it can be hard for drivers to see pedestrians walking around on the side of the road. On the other hand, when you ensure to separate vehicles and pedestrians through creating a wide enough sidewalk, you can keep your pedestrians safe and your roads clear. As a result, you can create a more comfortable environment for everyone, no matter their travel method.  

3. Connect Your Public Space to the Street

Though you may think that having dense greenery or concrete walls erected will separate your public space from a busy street and make it much safer, it’s generally the opposite that’s true. Obstructing the view of your public space can actually contribute to a lack of security, as it prevents people on the street from being able to see pedestrians. If a pedestrian has a run in with a thief, there will be no one nearby to witness the event or help. On the other hand, if the road is close by and ongoing vehicles can actually see what’s happening, most criminals would probably choose to target pedestrians in a more private area. 

4. Create Functional, Attractive Public Spaces

The more functional and attractive your public space looks, the more likely that members of your community will flock to it and keep it populated, even during the evening. The more people that are in your public space, the safer it will become for everyone. All the aforementioned tips will help to create public spaces that everyone can enjoy, no matter the time of day. However, aside from this, it’s also a good idea to invest in durable, high-quality street furnishings to help enrichen your outdoor space and allow community members to get the most out of your public area.

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