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The Benefits of Adding Park Benches in Your Community

Most of the time, people overlook the benefits of benches in community parks. They can be a great addition to the streets. For many, a bench can be a symbol of friendship. People can also use it as a place to sit and talk.

So, in this post, we are going to discuss the benefits of adding park bench seats in your community.

Improve Mental Health

According to research published by the University of Sheffield and The Young Foundation, hanging out on park bench seats are essential for people’s mental health.

The same research discovered that sitting on park benches allows people to connect with other members of the community. By spending more time outdoors and socialising, they can improve their mental health. Having this opportunity is also beneficial for those people from marginalised sectors who find cafes too expensive.

Improve Physical Health

The University of Sheffield study also discovered that access to public benches can be beneficial for physical health. They offer resting spots for the elderly and those with limited mobility.

Besides, park benches are not only for resting or sitting. More and more people find public seating as an opportunity to exercise. You can use it as a stable base for any type of full-body exercise. Have you tried balancing and perching on the back of a park bench? Well, that will give your core a bit of a workout. You can even use the benches for leg lunges.

Reduce Feelings of Isolation

As we’ve mentioned, park bench seats offer opportunities for social connection. This is important, especially for those who live alone. Besides, shared spaces improve safety in public areas. The more people spend time around park benches, the higher the level of security becomes.

Sometimes, people need to find somewhere they can feel a sense of belonging. When you sit on a park bench, you will be surprised at how easily you can start conversations with strangers. You can connect with other people in a non-digital way.

Encourage Outdoor Activities

Park benches around the neighbourhood encourage residents to go out and take a leisurely stroll. Parks are supposed to motivate people to go outdoors and do a bit of exercise. However, there’s nothing worse than going for a long, tiring walk and finding no place to rest in a public space.

By having benches in the area, visitors can sit down whenever they want and enjoy the fresh air. Now, we know how harsh the weather can get in Australia. So, we recommend that you choose park benches that are 100% Australian-made. If you want high-quality park furniture that can withstand the elements, Cox Urban Furniture is the name you should trust.

Boost Aesthetic Appeal

Public areas with no bench seating can give an unwelcoming look. On the other hand, when you install park benches, you can attract pedestrians and even encourage them to walk. What’s more, you can boost the overall appeal of the public space.

So, if you want to enjoy the benefits we shared in this article, don’t hesitate to contact Cox Urban Furniture. We can provide you with a free quote on the best park benches in Australia.