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6 Things Every Public Park Needs

Parks are an essential part of every neighbourhood. However, if you want to encourage as many people as possible to visit your park, it’s important to ensure that you’ve ticked off a few essential boxes.

Below, we’ve gone through 6 key things every public park needs to successfully attract your community members: 

1. Bench Seats

Gray Outdoor Steel Frame with Wood Bench

At the bare minimum, your public park should include some bench seats. Bench seats provide your community members with a place to sit, rest, chat, eat or simply enjoy the views of their natural surroundings. Overall, they’re an extremely versatile structure; and they increase the amount of value encourage people are able to derive from visiting your park.     

2. Park Shelters

Urban Furniture Outdoor Shaded Table and Chair

Park shelters are a necessity for two key reasons. First off, they allow your community members to visit your park no matter what the weather conditions may be. If the rain catches them by surprise, they’ll also be able to take shelter. Aside from this, park shelters also shield the structures below it. In this way, you can preserve the condition of picnic tables, barbeques, and other street furniture for a much longer period of time. 

3. Drinking Fountains

Park Drinking Fountains

A lot of people visit public parks to exercise. Of course, you can’t expect your body to function at its best without proper hydration. By installing drinking fountains throughout your park, you will be able to accommodate for one of your community member’s most basic human needs. This is sure to encourage a lot more people to come to your park. 

4. Litter Bins

Park Litter Bins

When it comes to community spaces, including parks, one of the most important things local councils and developers must consider is how to keep that public space clean. Undeniably, one of the most effective ways to encourage proper waste disposal is by installing an adequate amount of rubbish bins to your park. Rubbish bin enclosures are also worthwhile additions, considering how these will help to deter bin raiding, whilst also preventing rubbish from getting blown about by extreme weather conditions.  

5. Picnic Tables

Park Picnic Tables

Picnic tables unlock so many more opportunities for people to come to your park and enjoy a celebration or a meal with friends or family. These additions ensure to add a welcoming feel to your park, by encouraging people to sit down, set up and stay for a while. Paired with nearby barbeques, picnic tables provide community members with a place to cook and eat delicious food surrounded by nature. 

6. Outdoor Lighting

LTP-1 Light Pole

Not everyone will be able to use your park during the day. Think of those community members who leave for work early in the morning, and don’t get home until 5 or 6 in the evening. If you want to provide a safe and well-lit space for your community members to exercise, meet up with others, or walk their pets, it’s important for you to install sufficient outdoor lighting, such as light poles. Improving outdoor lighting is one of the many ways you can work to ensure pedestrian safety at night. Consequently, you will be able to encourage as people as possible to come and enjoy your park, regardless of their daily schedule.

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