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4 Ways Street Design Can Enhance Public Spaces

Australia’s streetscape is changing, and it’s more important than ever for us to make functional spaces that align with the needs of our community members.

Everything that you put into your public space counts, and that’s why it’s so essential to put real thought into street design. Good street design has the potential to enhance public spaces in a number of ways, including the following: 

1. Purpose

Above all, proper street design helps your community members to get the most out of your public space. It allows them to fulfil their basic human needs out in public, socialise with others, dispose of their rubbish responsibly, enjoy entertainment, and so on. So, through incorporating all the integral elements of street design, you can make your public space as functional and possible and encourage as many people as possible to flock to it and make the most out of being outside.  

2. Safety

Good street design also ensures safety for pedestrians, especially at night. For instance, consider the function of light poles. Without them, your public space would be left completely dark at night, and that would make a lot of pedestrians walking around feel unsafe and vulnerable. A lot of people may completely avoid your public space at night for that reason. After all, insufficient lighting not only proves as a hazard; it also acts as the perfect shroud for suspicious individuals to lurk around in.

Walls and barriers also have a role to play in enhancing safety in your public space. These can be used to separate public areas from the street, consequently reducing the risk of vehicle-pedestrian collisions. All in all, designing a functional public space will encourage as many people as possible to visit, which in turn, would help to increase safety. Through adding street furniture products such as light poles, barriers, bollards, and maybe even security cameras, you can make your public area as safe for community members as possible.

3. Aesthetic

Street design also helps to enhance the environment of any public area, by complimenting it or providing focal points for community members to appreciate. Depending on the environment you’re working with, some styles of street furniture may be more suitable than others. For instance, if you’re designing a green, open area such as a park or reserve, then subtle, organically derived furniture would be best applied. These pieces would seek to compliment the beauty of nature, rather than totally overwhelm it. In this way, the street furniture would enhance the aesthetic of the area, rather than making it look ‘too busy’.

Alternatively, if you’re designing a more urban area, you can afford to go for either bold or more simplistic pieces, depending on the existing elements of the space. Some examples are city centres or outside shopping centres. These high-traffic areas are a great place to experiment with innovative, modern street design. 

4. Equality of Opportunity

With street design, it’s important to consider the needs of the community at large. That includes the elderly, as well as people with mobility issues. Through considering the needs of all your community members, you can encourage as many people as possible to visit and enjoy your public space. Consequently, you can expect your urban area to make a positive contribution to society, whilst promoting inclusiveness and equality of opportunity.

For too long, the needs of the handicapped have been overlooked in many street design applications. Thankfully, we design wheelchair accessible furniture here at Cox Urban Furniture, because we understand that this plays a fundamental role in modern public spaces.

Turn to Cox Urban Furniture for Innovative and Purposeful Street Furniture

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