Commercial Street Furniture in Schools

4 Advantages of Installing Commercial Street Furniture in Schools

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of a school is the type of street furniture that’s installed, in order to enrich and enhance the outdoor environment. When many people think of a school, they’re often inclined to think of desks, laptops, projectors, whiteboards; basically, anything that you would find on the inside of a classroom. However, commercial street furniture also has an important role to play in the creation of a comfortable school environment.

Here are 4 advantages of installing commercial street furniture in schools:

Provides a Comfortable Environment

Shelter, benches, tables, drinking fountains and rubbish bins are just as fundamental as desks, whiteboards, lockers and computers in a school environment. Without these furniture pieces, how can you provide your students with the amenities they need to get through the day comfortably? Although most of the average school day is spent indoors, learning in a classroom, students still have to venture outdoors, whether it’s to shift from class to class, enjoy recess and lunch, take a P.E class or leave campus at the end of the day. To accommodate for anyone who wants to rest, eat, drink or walk comfortably during these situations, commercial street furniture is an essential investment.

Adds Aesthetic Value

Of course, functionality isn’t the only benefit that commercial street furniture has to offer. Aside from this, you can also expect the installation of street furniture to add aesthetic value to your school. Nowadays, you can find street furniture available in a wide range of different styles, colours, materials and finishes. So, no matter what the current layout or design of your school may be, you can expect there to be various options that will suit the rest of your features on campus. First impressions are an important aspect for every school to consider; and improving the visual characteristics of your campus can help to influence the perceptions of visitors to your school. Combined with other benefits that your school has to offer, a beautifully decked out campus with all the right street furniture can help to encourage visiting parents to send their children to your school over another. Aside from this, a good-looking campus can also improve the mood of students and teachers alike.

Brings Learning Outdoors

A lot of lessons take place in the classroom. However, outdoor spaces can also prove as an invaluable learning environment. It’s important to keep in mind that human beings are animals by nature. Although we may have evolved to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, staring at a computer screen, we still have an inherent need to be surrounded by and connected to nature. Installing commercial street furniture in schools helps to make outdoor spaces just as suitable for working and learning as a classroom filled with chairs, desks and artificial lighting. Outfitting your outdoor space appropriately would encourage teachers to take their lessons outside, which enables students to experience the many benefits of working outdoors. With a change a scenery, fresh air and bright, natural lighting, you can expect most students to see a boost in productivity- a plus for their own learning and development. Working outside can also be used as a special privilege for teachers to reward good students.

Encourages Socialisation

Socialisation is an important aspect of school life. And through providing tables and benches for your school children to sit, eat and chat, you can encourage them to engage in conversations and form friendships with others. On that note, it’s also important to promote inclusion within schools, so that you can avoid issues such as bullying, exclusion, or having students feel like they’re missing out. For this reason, be sure to consider the importance of wheelchair accessible furniture for your students as well.

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