Wheelie Bin Enclosure

The 4 Benefits of Wheelie Bin Enclosures

We understand how annoying it is to keep your wheelie bins protected and safe in Australia. There are so many things to take into account. The feral animals that come and damage your property, for instance. Don’t forget how the bi-polar weather can drag your wheelie bin and scatter the rubbish all over your yard.

Thankfully, there are some solutions to this issue. For example, you can use a wheelie bin enclosure. The unit can store your wheelie bin and lock it shut and you can still access the bin easily when you need to use it.

Here are some of the benefits of using a wheelie bin enclosure:

1. Protect Your Bins from Strong Winds

No matter where you live, strong winds can take your wheelie bins for a ride. Imagine waking up in the morning to dispose of your trash and you had to walk down the street just to find your wheelie bin. It’s even more frustrating when you see that the bin has been knocked over and its dirty contents are scattered on the street.

So, if you want to contain your wheelie bin in a single location, use an enclosure. It will provide adequate protection against high winds, especially in coastal areas. Here at Cox Urban Furniture, we offer wheelie bin enclosures that are designed to withstand the elements. As such, you can ensure that the bin will be secure no matter what the weather conditions are.

2. Keep Wild Animals Off Your Bins

It’s undeniable that wheelie bin enclosures are not a fancy concept. However, if we’re talking about an urban residential or park area, they have several advantages. For instance, wild animals are often a big concern in these areas. They often get into wheelie bins and ransack their contents.

It’s just too much work to clean up after these animals’ mess. However, with a wheelie bin enclosure, you can stop them from causing chaos. The storage can be locked, preventing the animals from accessing the bins. Even so, you can easily open the enclosure to access the wheelie bins when you need them.

3. Prevent Bins from Collecting Water

Outdoor landscapes like parks are exposed to the elements and wet weather conditions. Ideally, your wheelie bins should have an enclosure to prevent them from catching and collecting rainwater. While most bins come with a lid, the wind can blow it open. So, if the bin overflows with water and rubbish, it can contaminate the surrounding area.

With an enclosure, your wheelie bin can stay dry. The trash will be disposed of correctly and it will be ready for collection day.

4. Improve the Look of Your Surroundings

Imagine going into a park and seeing those unsightly wheelie bins by the beautiful flowers and trees. Trash bins can be an eyesore in public spaces. Thankfully, wheelie bin enclosures provide the much-needed solution.

They can effectively conceal the bins yet provide easy access for garbage disposal. By hiding the wheelie bins, you can boost the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Wheelie Bin Enclosure

Of course, our list is not an extensive one. There are several other benefits you can enjoy from having a wheelie bin enclosure.

Now, if you’re planning to get a wheelie bin enclosure, make sure you find a trusted supplier. Here at Cox Urban Furniture, we only provide 100% Australian-made street and park furniture. So, you can ensure that the wheelie bin enclosure will be durable enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions in the country.

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