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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture for Parks

According to a study published in BMC Public Health, 62% of park visitors spend the majority of their time either standing around, lying, or sitting down. As such, it’s important to choose the right outdoor furniture that will enhance the comfort and usability of the public space.

In this article, we’re going to explore the qualities to consider when choosing the ideal furniture for the park in your community.

Tip 1: Consider the Demographics

When choosing the type of outdoor furniture, you’ll need to consider the people who will be using the space. If the percentage of the elderly population in the community is large, you’ll need seats with support for the arms and back. On the other hand, if there’s a high volume of smokers in the area, you’ll need to install bins everywhere to avoid having cigarette butts lying around.

Tip 2: Think About Functionality

Once you’ve determined the type of users that will frequent the park, you should think about how these people will interact with the space. Let’s say the park is near a public transit waiting area where there’s a high volume of visitors. In this case, you should have floor-mounted and highly durable furniture.

Now, if the park is small and people won’t be staying in the area for long, consider park benches instead of seats with a back. Another thing to consider is creating a group setting in the public space. In this case, seats with backs are ideal in inviting people to engage in long conversations.

Tip 3: Look for Low-Maintenance Furniture

Park furniture will be exposed to the elements. So, you’ll need benches and tables that will look as good as they did on the day you installed them. Ideally, you should choose products with materials that are easy to clean. Any dirt or debris should spill or fall to the ground with a simple sweep. For example, powder-coated aluminium rubbish bins can be easily wiped clean.

Tip 4: Review the Durability of the Material

There are plenty of good reasons why aluminium is a popular material for outdoor furniture. Indeed, nothing can match the natural look of hardwood. However, it will inevitably fade and chip off over time. On the other hand, while aluminium is a lightweight material, it is resistant to corrosion. Now, if the material is powder-coated, it has added strength that allows it to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Australia.

Pieces of Furniture to Install in Your Park

Since people spend time in the park, there should be plenty of outdoor furniture to make visitors feel comfortable. Here are ideas for some pieces of furniture to install:

  • Seating – Consider installing memorial bench seats that will also pay tribute to a person or an event that made an impact in your community.
  • Picnic tables – You can encourage families and friends to spend time in the park by installing picnic tables. Low-maintenance grills and shelter would also be great additions to the area.
  • Drinking fountains – Active individuals who frequent the park will find drinking fountains useful when they need relief from the sun.

If you’re in need of professional help in choosing the right outdoor furniture for your park, don’t hesitate to contact Cox Urban Furniture!