Park Tables

How Park Tables Attract Visitors to Spend More Time with Nature

A study from the University of Technology Sydney found that parks only attract 10% of a community’s population during peak times. That figure goes down to 1% during off-peak times. Therefore, local councils are tasked with the job of finding ways to attract more people to public parks.

Now, part of that plan should be redesigning the area to include picnic tables. Doing so can be a great way to improve the park’s amenities and make the place more comfortable for visitors. Here are some reasons why picnic tables can be enticing to people:

They Make the Outdoors More Comfortable

It’s common knowledge that spending time outdoors can bring health benefits. Enough exposure to natural sunlight can bring a healthy dose of vitamin D which can improve sleep cycles. However, we also know how harsh the weather can be in Australia.

By having picnic tables around the park, people know they have a place to sit and take a rest. They can even bring food and eat comfortably in a relaxed outdoor environment.

They Provide Opportunities for Socialisation

Picnic tables provide a spot for park visitors to dine together and socialize. Some urban parks can be located in stressful business environments. However, parks with tables can entice people to take a breather and spend time with their friends. These pieces of outdoor furniture can provide an inviting atmosphere for park visitors.

They Offer Facilities for Parties or Events

Having amenities for outdoor dining can also provide opportunities for community events and parties. So, when you have picnic tables around the park, you’ll also have a functional space for hosting celebrations or gatherings. After all, people wouldn’t like to stand around while eating their food at an event.

They Provide a Sanitary Place to Eat

What’s great about picnic tables is that they are designed for outdoor use. They are usually water-resistant, which also makes them easy to clean. In general, when sprayed with a hose, debris falls off with ease. All these outdoor tables need is a quick wipe down and disinfection if necessary.

If you add a shade structure, you can also protect the tables from falling leaves and bird droppings. As such, people feel confident that they will eat at a clean table.

Attract More People to the Park with High-Quality Picnic Tables

Are you looking for ways to improve your public park? If so, then consider installing picnic tables. They will make outdoor dining accessible for community members, encouraging them to spend time in nature.

We understand that choosing the right outdoor furniture for your park can be challenging. Here at Cox Urban Furniture, we have decades of experience in helping local councils improve their park facilities. We offer a range of picnic tables that are 100% made in Australia. So, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get furniture that is built to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions.

If you want to know more about our picnic tables, contact Cox Urban Furniture today!