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Easy Ways to Attract More People to Your Park

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are an estimated 50,000 urban parks in Australia. Most of these public parks are in close proximity to residential areas—a move intended to encourage people to get their physical activity up in the outdoors.

However, as the years go on, fewer and fewer Australians are motivated to go outside, play a bit of sport or even do a few minutes of brisk walking. Indeed, the sedentary and technology focused lifestyle is contributing to the increasing figures in chronic illnesses.

We already know that public parks exist, are open and are ready to use. The question is, how do we encourage people to become more physically active and take advantage of the outdoor space parks provide.  Here are a couple of ways to attract more people to your park.

1. Make your park inclusive

One of the most important factors in attracting people to a park is the quality of the amenities and facilities. The space should cater to various types of visitors, specifically. For instance, if the area is home to a large elderly demographic, you can cater to that by having walking loops.

You can also encourage people to visit and stay longer in parks if the facilities are appealing. There should be playgrounds for the children and basketball/tennis courts for the physically active.

2. Install appealing amenities

You should improve the amenities to ensure that visitors will have a pleasant stay in the park. Here are some of the things a public space should have;

  • Benches – Park benches allow people to relax and enjoy the scenery.
  • Tables – Dining sets and picnic tables provide people a place to eat, socialize with others, or even read a book.
  • Rubbish bins – Rubbish bins are a must-have in parks to encourage people to clean up after themselves and protect the environment.

3. Organise Community Events

Community events are a great way at bringing different people together and there’s no better place than a public park. It’s important that you advertise these events on-site, around the neighbourhood and on social media to ensure that as many people see the event information as possible. With the space, facilities and seating for large crowds, your local park is also the perfect place for a neighbourhood get together.

Here are some great ideas for events:


Does your park have a stage? If so, you can host performances and concerts. Invite stand-up comedians, musicians and other performers who are looking for ways to show off their skills.


What’s great about holding classes is that you can customise them according to the age group of your audience. You can offer weekly yoga classes for the younger ones or tai chi for the elderly. Weekend art classes can be great for both adults and kids.

Weekly Activities

You can also engage the community to come up with a weekly event that will bring people together. For instance, you can ask them to organise a trivia or game night. Perhaps, you can also encourage people to have a kickball tournament.

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