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4 Benefits of Community Playgrounds

Most of us have fond memories of a playground we used to frequent as kids. Now, the tables have turned; it’s up to us to design fun, safe and good-looking playground areas for future generations to enjoy. Parks are already an integral part of many community areas. However, through incorporating a playground into your outdoor public spaces, you can ensure a variety of additional benefits for your community members to enjoy.

Below, we’ve discussed 4 key benefits of creating community playgrounds in outdoor public areas:

1. Encourages Visits

With playgrounds installed in your public outdoor areas, you can expect a whole lot more community members to venture outside their homes. Playgrounds incentivise parents to bring their children outdoors. In fact, a lot of the time, children will be the ones asking their parents to take them on a trip to the playground. With an excuse to leave the home, parents and children can take a break from work, technology or other important responsibilities, and instead, take a moment to appreciate the benefits of being outdoors.

 2. Encourages Social Interaction

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of community playgrounds is that they encourage social interaction amongst children. Naturally, socialisation is an incredibly important part of your child’s overall development. By learning to play with other children, they will develop skills that will continue to stick with them well into the future, like establishing new friendships, sharing, conflict resolution, demonstrating respect and many others. Developing desirable social skills earlier on has been linked to greater success in school and better relationships with peers in future. So, by taking your kids to the park and letting them socialise, you can get them started on the right track for a happy and successful life.

 3. Develops Motor Skills

Whether they’re swinging across the monkey bars, climbing up ladders, crawling through tubes or navigating their way through other obstacles, children are required to engage in all sorts of physical activity when playing on the playground. All in all, community playgrounds will help your child to develop vital motor skills and coordination abilities; both of which are essential towards growth and development. While children learn how to maintain their balance and posture, develop their grasping skills and strengthen their muscles, they will also be working to lower the chances of experiencing health concerns along with avoiding obesity.

4. Ensures Peace of Mind

A well-designed community playground will also provide parents with peace of mind, knowing that their child has a safe space to play in while enjoying the benefits of being outside and surrounded by nature. Parents won’t have to worry about entertaining their children as well as themselves when venturing into public outdoor areas. Instead, they will be able to sit, eat, chat, read or simply relax and enjoy their natural surroundings, while supervising their children just a couple of metres away.

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