Boost the Beauty and Functionality of Your Public Space with our Picnic Table Range

As you are no doubt well aware, people in the community can relax and enjoy the many benefits a park or urban space has to offer, and to a far greater extent, when there are appropriate amenities to cater for their needs and comfort. So, let Cox Urban Furniture supply you with an array of park picnic table options that will provide everything they need for optimum convenience and enjoyment. Our versatile ranges of outdoor picnic tables are suitable for use in any public space – from parklands, streetscapes and town centres, to commercial developments, residential estates and beachside amenities. With our Fee-Free design service, you even have the opportunity to customise the furniture according to your preferences. We can adapt our picnic table dimensions to suit different needs, such as lowering the height for kindergarten and primary school children, or extending the length to encourage large family and community gatherings. And, of course, we offer a wide range of picnic tables that are also wheelchair accessible, to meet Universal Access requirements.

Park Tables Made from Premium Quality Materials

Aluminium Frames – Our durable park picnic table frames are manufactured from aluminium, providing superior protection from corrosion, even in the most extreme locations.
Aluminium Batten Option – Strong and durable, our aluminium battens have a tough, clear-anodised finish with the same corrosion resistance as our frames, and are securely capped at each end with purpose made cast aluminium fittings.
Furnitureform™ Batten Option – This impressive batten material is, importantly, NOT a wood-plastic composite, with the associated durability and maintenance issues, instead it’s a high-quality engineered extrusion manufactured from 93% recycled HDPE plastic (milk bottles), reinforced with glass fibre for extra strength. This park table batten requires no maintenance other than grime and graffiti removal, which is easy due to its non-porous surface. Even permanent marker and spray paint is readily removed.
Timber Batten Option – Our responsibly sourced hardwood picnic table battens have achieved internationally recognised CertiSource accreditation, and are finished with three coats of water-based, high-performance Intergrain NaturalStain.
Stainless Steel – We use stainless steel fixings, with their inherent strength and corrosion resistance, to attach the battens to the frames.

Our Point of Difference

For over 25 years, Cox Urban Furniture has been designing and manufacturing innovative, premium quality street furniture, and is a major contributor to excellence in this demanding field. We work meticulously in developing functional, visually integrated and aesthetically pleasing park tables. You can trust that our outdoor dining products will provide a positive contribution to the physical and social amenity of any public space.

We understand the vital importance of customer satisfaction and so, when you choose us as your supplier, you can expect support from the initial discussions right through to the installation phase