Wheelchair Accessible Drinking Fountains from Cox Urban Furniture

Before selecting a new outdoor drinking fountain, you’ll need to consider various factors to ensure your investment turns out to be a worthwhile one. At Cox Urban Furniture, we can supply a drinking water fountain that will provide you with years of uninterrupted service. Our hardwearing, functional and aesthetically pleasing drinking fountains are ideal for use in any public area including plazas, streetscapes, parklands, and universities and schools.

Why Choose Cox Urban Furniture’s Drinking Fountain

Here at Cox Urban Furniture we offer the perfect long-term drinking solution for outdoor areas. We use premium quality materials in manufacturing our drinking fountains. Knowing this, you can expect them to remain durable and functional, regardless of how many years they are subjected to the harsh Australian environment, from hot, arid conditions to salt-laden coastal locations. Our wheelchair accessible drinking fountains have a choice of cast aluminium or gunmetal bronze bowls, with matching bubblers. In addition, the powder-coated aluminium base incorporates a cast ‘Urbanstone’ type insert to complement the surrounding paving.

Our Point of Difference

At Cox Urban Furniture, we’ve been designing street furniture for over 25 years. From the very beginning it’s been our goal to provide functional, visually integrated and aesthetically pleasing street furniture and fixtures. Moreover, we always strive to achieve absolute customer satisfaction. Aside from delivering innovative designs, we also ensure effective communication with you from start to finish, providing drawings and advice on installation, and ongoing support long after the project is completed.
If you’re in need of a highly practical and stylish drinking fountain, contact Cox Urban Furniture today.